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Richard Mille Replica

Aeschlimann stated: "We wanted something that had a powerful and beautiful connection with our history, and we thought it would be best to pay tribute to the first wristwatch with chronograph - a complication with which we are now synonymous. To take it one step further, we chose to use 105-year old movements from our archives. This meant we were only able to make 18 watches, as we needed to keep movements for spares and servicing. But we think the end result is charming."

Jean-Claude Monachon said, "These were vintage movements,replica watches but we wanted to achieve a couple of things. We wanted them to work perfectly. It was necessary to fit modern jewels on the bridges and plate. Each movement was slightly different, as was the case with the calibres from this era. Therefore, every element was analysed in order to optimise the placement of jewels. Greg Kissling stated: "We photographed each wheel, studied the profile of the teeth, and altered them in some cases to ensure the correct engagement of teeth." The profile of vintage gear wheels was refined using a top tool. This is a much more difficult and expensive process than simply turning new gear wheels. We didn't want any compromises. "We wanted the movements original, with integrity and to work perfectly."

Aeschlimann continued: "The second goal was to raise the level of complexity of the movements' decoration and finishing. Each movement was completed in our Atelier tourbillon. You can tell by the quality of finish (for example, the black polish on the steel components or the angling the bridges) that this is the highest level of craftsmanship expressed at its best.

The 46mm white gold cases were almost identical to the steel cases used in vintage watches. They even had the same hunter casebacks.

The dials are made of grand feu enamel,Omega Replica Watches and they're among the most intricate dials that I've ever seen. Take a look at the quality and detail of the seconds track at the edge of the dial. I can tell you that a dial of this quality would have been rejected in a high percentage. You can also see the elegance and finesse of each fifth-second index, which is a stylised rectangle with a dash in the centre. The sunken dials were made as separate pieces, then perfectly aligned and fitted. The crown and chronograph monopusher at 6 o'clock are made of Richard Mille Replica's proprietary Sedna Gold.

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